We have adopted a unified set of classroom & school rules (see below). Similar to the Code of Student Conduct, these rules define our expectations for behavior in our school. Students will see these rules posted throughout the school.  Your child has been learning them during his or her first days at school; they will be reinforced throughout the school year. The behavior expectations align with four key areas and are specific to each location of the school building and the bus: 

Self-Control, On-Task, Achievement, and Respect (SOAR).

Our motto is “Let’s SOAR Into a New Day,” meaning that we strive to achieve these expectations, but also every day is a fresh start and a fresh chance to make good choices and make a difference. 

As part of our PBIS process, teachers and other staff members use evidence-based practices to increase student learning and decrease classroom disruptions. To keep students focused on the rules in a positive manner, teachers reward students and give praise when they are displaying the positive behaviors/expectations.  

We ask that you help your child to remember to demonstrate these newly adopted behavior expectations each and every day.

Download or View the PDF version of the Hornets SOAR Expectations Matrix